Beach Tent UV Rays Protective Canopy

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Beach Tent UV Rays Protective Canopy by Tranquilo Sunshade: 
Cool Shade for Hot Beach Days, EASY & FAST DYI Set Up - Lightweight Portable Umbrella Alternative, Robust Tent Poles,Stable In Strong Winds

SET IT UP YOURSELF IN JUST A FEW MINUTES: Specially designed to allow for effortless and hassle free set up. Spend your time enjoying the beach with your friends and loved ones. Don’t waste your time struggling to set up a poorly constructed umbrella, canopy or sun shade. No hammer or tools needed. 
NICE COOL SHADE UNDER THE HOT SUN: Keep the beating sun off and get the most out of your beach days. Enjoy your cold refreshment under the hot sun. Have fun with your friends and family. No compromises.  
WIND? WHAT’S THAT?: While everyone else struggles to keep their umbrellas, beach tents and low quality canopies in place, you can rest under yours like a boss. Don’t worry about heavy winds again. 
WHATEVER THEY SAY, SIZE MATTERS: With this 2.1 meter high beach sun tent, and extra large 9.8/13.1ft canopy - you can easily accommodate any number of friends and family members up to 12. Bring your dog or cat too. There will be ample space. 
STAY SAFE FROM THE HARMFUL SUN UV RAYS: Instant shade and relief from sun exposure, plus safeguards you from the negative consequences of UVA and UVB rays. This makes it perfect not only for you, but your little ones especially. Highly protective, designed with toddlers, infants and kids in mind


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