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A giant Lycra tent known by the names Events Tent | Party Tent or Bedouin Tent
Our Party Tent is the best, quickest and easiest alternative to establishing a successful event in the field
All of our event tents are made of high quality lycra fabric with a protection factor  UPF50+ to protect and block 98% of harmful UV rays.

The Party Tent comes as a "complete" kit with all the accessories needed for quick, easy and successful setup in almost every area
Our giant Lycra tent is the best solution for families gathering at beach, parties and any event with many participants.
Made of Lycra fabric produced by a unique technology that provides high-quality product
For use in any event outside door, sea, camping, picnic or excursion
Each kit contains:
Lycra sheet with SPF UPF50+
Aluminum folding pols(The number of parts is according to the selected size)
Spiral pegs(The number of parts is according to the selected size)
A high quality carrying case from water repellent fabric
Size Sqm 2.1m Pole  3m Pole Spiral pegs
6/6 36 6 2 8
6/8 48 6 2 8



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